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The Dog Grocer sources pork from APIQ accredited free-range Australian pigs, not caged pigs. Unlike farmed pigs that eat mostly an unnatural diet based on corn and soy (GMO feeds!), and are kept in confined spaces, The Dog Grocer’s free-range Australian pigs are raised in superior conditions and care without any antibiotics in feed and no artificial growth hormones. They are cared for and nurtured outdoors in an unspoilt landscape, with fresh clean air and fed a premium, nutritional feed. Not only does this mean a better quality of life and happy pigs, but it also translates to a better texture and greater flavours of pork. All treats and chews are packaged in food-grade home compostable packaging.

  • APIQ accredited free-range pork sourced from Australia (not caged pigs!)
  • Marinated with an in-house blend of honey pineapple and mango, giving the meat jerkies a great caramelisation, smelling like bak kwa!
  • Made locally in AVS licensed kitchen
  • Cleaned and sanitised with ozone
  • Processed at controlled low temperatures for minimal change in nutritional profile, while ensuring safety protocols according to the USDA food safety guidelines
  • 100% digestible

Free Range Australian Pork Hind, Honey Pineapple, Mango

All treats and chews do not contain any additives, chemicals or artificial flavouring, and are packaged in food-grade home compostable packaging.

Storage and handling: Recommended to transfer in airtight container and store in the freezer. Best consumed within 4 months from date of manufacture.

Kindly note that treats are not applicable for any discounts.

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