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Faith's Cleanse & Detox


The first six months on Faith's Cleanse & Detox entail a "Kick Start Cleanse" programme, which requires daily supplementation. If you are unable to stay on this programme consistently due to your lifestyle, we recommend you consider an alternative all-purpose supplement Augustine's SuperBoost by Augustine Approved.

Faith’s Cleanse & Detox was developed and thoroughly tested using quantum physics principles over a period of three years. Our formula is backed by 30 years of experience with the use of 100% human-grade, wild-harvested herbs amongst a dedicated group of animal lovers (including a bioengineer and naturopath/herbalist) who wanted the best for animals. Each ingredient was selected for its documented medicinal and nutritional values. Each herb has its own unique frequency that has been tested to ensure it resonates with similar frequencies in the body.

Faith's Cleanse & Detox promotes:
1. Healthy skin & coat
2. A healthy immune system
3. A healthy gut & normal gut function, including candida and yeast balance
4. Healthy kidney function
5. Cleansing of the kidneys & liver
6. Maintenance or improvement of general well-being

Faith’s Cleanse & Detox has been very successful in promoting a healthy gut balance and, in turn, bringing candida and yeast into normal and healthy balance. Please note that it is important to provide a diet that does not support candida overgrowth - a diet of processed foods high in sugars and simple carbohydrates encourages Candida overgrowth as yeasts thrive on processed sugars.

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