Augustine Approved

Augustine's SuperBoost


The world’s first 100% certified organic, versatile supplement made entirely from certified whole foods, naturally making its nutrients easy to absorb and assimilate. Governed by Australian human food standards, this nutritional powerhouse acts as a "boost" to promote digestion and absorption of nutrients. Suitable for dogs with inflammatory conditions, Augustine's SuperBoost neutralises the body's acidity, improving the overall quality of life. 

Augustine's SuperBoost is made entirely from highly digestible plant ingredients. It is a great addition to all types of meals, including raw and a fantastic joint supplement. It helps improve stools and aids digestion by promoting healthy organ function. Suitable for all dogs (and even cats and humans!).

Key benefits:
1) Provide vital nutrients that processing can destroy 
2) Assist in the maintenance of healthy joints
3) Promote normal, healthy growth and development
4) Promote healthy skin, shiny coat & strong nails
5) Promote digestion and absorption of nutrients
6) Promote healthy organ function
7) Help maintain a healthy gut

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