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Rainbow Set

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Get ready to unlock a world of limitless possibilities with the Pawzler Rainbow Set!

With Pawzler's modular system, you can give your pet a "fresh" puzzle experience every time they play by simply switching up the spot and direction of the pawzles. When you change the direction of Pawzles like Zoey and Maya, you can immediately tweak the difficulty level of the puzzle. It is like having a brand new challenge every time! Your pet will never get bored with Pawzler, as they will always be faced with new and exciting ways to solve the puzzle. Fill the compartments with their favourite treats, regular pet food, or kefir, and let the sniffing adventure begin!

This incredible modular system puzzle has three fantastic preset sizes to choose from - Mini, Mega, and Elite. We recommend starting with a Mini Rainbow Set and gradually building your unique puzzle collection with more bases and different pawzles to tailor the experience to your pet's needs and preferences.



Rainbow Set - Woof Living
Rainbow Set - Woof Living
Rainbow Set - Woof Living

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