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Unlock playtime learning with this Montessori-inspired snuffle ball. With 8 strategically designed slots, you can hide treats of all sizes, igniting your pets natural foraging instincts. Crafted with your pet's safety and hygiene in mind, this nosework play object can be easily disassembled into three flat pieces, allowing for a thorough cleaning and ensuring a fresh, crumb-free playtime every time.

What's more, the Monti Ball is packed with stimulating surprises! 8 squeakers and crinkle papers are cleverly hidden within, adding an extra layer of excitement and enrichment to your pet's play sessions. The Monti Ball is the perfect size for all pets, making it a versatile and engaging companion for dogs and cats alike. Great for travel and home-based fun.

Monti - Woof Living
Monti - Woof Living

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