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A snuffle mat is on every pup's wish list and here's why.

Just like being around dogs can release dopamine and oxytocin (otherwise known as the happiness and love hormones) in our brains, the same happens for our pups when they are sniffing and foraging for food and treats on the snuffle mat. Science has proven that when dogs are engaged in nose work activity, their stress and anxiety levels are reduced. With a room filled with pure positivity and calmness, say "bye-bye" to excessive barking, chewing and digging with this snuffle mat that can be zipped up into a bag!

- Snuffle bag can be unzipped and laid flat like a snuffle mat
- Numerous pockets and flaps to hide treats and food
- For dogs (or owners, ahem) who love quiet enrichment toys
- Recommended for small dogs, medium size dogs and gentle giants
- Great for indoors and outdoors

Product measurements
35cm x 23cm x 12cm

Polyester, Polar Fleece

All Studio Ollie products have legally protected patents, international design registration and application. Thus, any infringement of intellectual property rights, such as design theft, will result in legal liabilities. In addition, any unauthorized use or theft of all contents and images of Studio Ollie is strictly prohibited. 

Toy Safety

Checking on our dogs intermittently during their playtime is always recommended, in case things get rough. No dog toy is truly indestructible, even those made for power chewers. If your dog has a history of excessive power chewing or perhaps enjoy making a game out of de-fluffing everything they can get their paws on, we strongly recommend for you to keep a close watch on your dog. Swallowing of stuffing or squeaker can be a choking hazard or form an obstruction in their bowel. Supervised play will help toys last longer, and most importantly, keep your dog safe. Always remove the toy from playtime if pieces begin to break off.

Care Instructions

Hand wash or delicate machine wash with pet-safe detergent in the laundry bag. Air dry.

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