Haqihana Harness (Yellow)


Haqihana's artisanal harnesses and leashes are handmade entirely in Italy by their in-house workshop artisans since 2003. Like true Italian fine goods artisans, the attention to detail is as one would expect. Maximum comfort is ensured for your pup in any situation.

Harnesses come in a wide range of sizes. The accurate study and development of the sizing and the 5-point adjusting system ensure an excellent fit and adaptability of the harness to the specific dimensions and proportions of the dog. All buckles and loops come in safety stitching and are rounded with no sharp edges. With the correct size fitting, you and your dog will enjoy all walks together without any pain, sense of constriction, skin abrasion, movement restriction or any other discomfort. Your pup will feel like they are wearing nothing at all. 

The two connection buckles and their positioning allow for a quick and easy fitting and removal of the harness without hassle for both dog and owner. For pups with longer bodies (deep-chested dogs), you may wish to explore the long sizes (XXSL, XSL, SL, ML) that come with longer straps on the back and abdomen area. 

Please scroll to 2nd image for recommended sizing, webbing measurement and more information on each component used. 

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