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This multi-dimensional puzzle is a two-level construction with tracks for hats and cylinders where the treats are hidden. Your dog has to solve a number of tasks to reach them. The Turtle comes with 9 cylinders, 13 hats, 4 drawers and 1 long orange brick for blocking a drawer.

To make the game even tougher, Tiger Mums out there will be pleased to know that additional hats can be pre-ordered to challenge your pup further, offering up to 34 places for hiding treats! With that, it makes the Turtle one of the most challenging games for your pet with 34 different tasks (4 paws on our level of difficulty).

How to play

1. Hide your dog’s favorite treats under “hats” and “cylinders”, as well as inside of the drawers. Make sure your dog observes while you are doing it.
2. Encourage your dog verbally to seek the treats hidden inside of the puzzle.
3. Your dog will start searching for the treats by knocking down the “cylinders”, moving the “hats” to the position where they can be lifted and drawers can be opened to expose the treats.
4. Make sure that you praise the dog each time he/she finds the treat.  

We recommend you to start the game with only a few pieces of hats and cylinders as your dog may lose motivation if it is unable to solve the game after a few attempts. Let your dog watch as you hide the treats in the game to stimulate its curiosity. 

Product measurements
32cm x 36cm x 8.3cm

Certified wood and plastic

1. Prevent destructive boredom behaviour
2. Relieve stress
3. Reduce separation anxiety
4. Satisfy natural hunting instincts
5. Provide physical exercise
6. Boost mental stimulation
7. Slow down eating to prevent vomiting and indigestion

Toy Safety

Never let your dog play with puzzle toys unsupervised, especially if your dog has a history of excessive power chewing. Intervene when your dog starts to chew on pieces of the game. Check regularly for damage such as splinters and chips. Swallowing of any foreign object can be a choking hazard or form an obstruction in their bowel. Supervised play will help toys last longer, and most importantly, keep your dog safe. Always remove the toy from playtime if pieces begin to break off.

Care Instructions

Use only dry treats when playing. If your puzzle has wood components, please keep game dry and free of water as the wooden parts may swell otherwise. You may do a simple wipe with antibacterial wet wipes. For non-wood puzzles, hand wash with pet-safe detergent, rinse clean and air dry.

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