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Taki Chirashi - 3 x 50g

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Taste the rainbow—we all enjoy Chirashi Sushi, so we make it for our furkids too! Salmon and Southern Blue Whiting (a type of cod) make up 80% of TAKI Chirashi, topped with 20% carrots, edamame, purple potato and goji. We followed the Japanese concept of ‘goshiki’, the five colours of red, yellow, green, white and black combining to bring range and harmony to a good meal

TAKI meal is like home-cooked, only with restaurant ingredients and freeze-dried for convenience. It’s fresh and jam packed with superfoods.

Feeding guide

Perfect for training and as a meal topper.
We recommend that treats should make up no more than about 10% of your dog's daily calories.

Taki Chirashi - 3 x 50g

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