Treat Dispensing Tetraflex


Turn mealtime into playtime by feeding your dog his or her meals out of the Tetraflex. The interactive feeder is a uniquely shaped, squishy toy that dispenses treats while your dog plays. It contains an inner compartment which stores treats or food, and contours that are designed to ensure that the treats or food are dispersed evenly throughout your dog's play. Great for both grazers (plays when hungry) and gobblers (helps to slow down eating to prevent indigestion!). But we do not recommend this for power chewers though. This yellow ball rolls around wonderfully quietly. It doesn't crash into walls or make a racket on the wood floors during sacred mealtimes. Phew!

- Provides hours of mental and physical stimulation
- Use in place of a food bowl for mealtimes
- Use a water bottle to funnel in treats and kibbles
- Unique inner sleeve helps regulate how treats and kibble are dispensed. treats and kibble will not just fall right out of the hole.
- Treat dispensing system encourages play which helps reduce anxiety and boredom behaviours
- Soft and flexible material reduces noise during play
- Easy to fill and clean

Product size and measurements

Small: 6.5cm / 0.07kg
Medium: 9.9cm / 0.14kg
Large: 12.7cm / 0.30kg


1. Prevent destructive boredom behaviour
2. Relieve stress
3. Reduce separation anxiety
4. Satisfy natural hunting instincts
5. Provide physical exercise
6. Boost mental stimulation
7. Slow down eating to prevent vomiting and indigestion

Toy Safety

Checking on our dogs intermittently during their playtime is always recommended, in case things get rough. No dog toy is truly indestructible, even those made for power chewers. If your dog has a history of excessive power chewing, we strongly recommend for you to keep a close watch on your dog. Swallowing of foreign objects can be a choking hazard or form an obstruction in their bowel. Supervised play will help toys last longer, and most importantly, keep your dog safe. Always remove the toy from playtime if pieces begin to break off.

Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe, on the top rack. For manual cleaning, simply pour soapy water into the top opening, close it and give it a few good shakes before rinsing out. Repeat step with clean, non-soapy water. Air dry upside down.

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