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Pet's Wheel of Fortune



Unlike the human version, this pup version of "Wheel of Fortune" does not require it to call a consonant or buy a vowel. To solve the "puzzle", all they need to do is spin the wheel! The wheel is divided into four compartments, separated by wooden panels. Three compartments have holes of about 10mm diameter and the fourth compartment has a diameter of about 12 mm. Once the wheel turns, treats will start to fall out gradually. To refill treats, all you need to do is to pop open the opening on the side of the wheel. The size of the treats should be carefully selected so that they can easily fall out through the bigger holes.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Open the lock located on the side of the wheel. Fill the empty space with a handful of treats and close the lid.

Step 2: Encourage your dog by spinning the wheel - with his nose or his paw - to play the game, so that he can get the reward.

Step 3: Praise your dog each time he manages to get a treat out of the wheel.


You can increase the difficulty level of the game by sealing some of the holes with duct tape.

Play with your dog and encourage him to solve the task. Stay calm, be patient and continue to explain the game to your dog until he understands it.

Do not let your dog play unsupervised and intervene when he starts to bite the game.

Let your dog play with the game for no longer than 10 minutes, otherwise, he might lose interest in the game. Distract him with something else and put the game away for a little while.

Suitable treats:
Please use only dry treats. The diameter of treats should be less than 12mm.

1. Prevent destructive boredom behaviour
2. Relieve stress
3. Reduce separation anxiety
4. Satisfy natural hunting instincts
5. Provide physical exercise
6. Boost mental stimulation
7. Slow down eating to prevent vomiting and indigestion

Toy Safety

Never let your dog play with puzzle toys unsupervised, especially if your dog has a history of excessive power chewing. Intervene when your dog starts to chew on pieces of the game. Check regularly for damage such as splinters and chips. Swallowing of any foreign object can be a choking hazard or form an obstruction in their bowel. Supervised play will help toys last longer, and most importantly, keep your dog safe. Always remove the toy from playtime if pieces begin to break off.

Care Instructions

Use only dry treats when playing. If your puzzle has wood components, please keep game dry and free of water as the wooden parts may swell otherwise. You may do a simple wipe with antibacterial wet wipes. For non-wood puzzles, hand wash with pet-safe detergent, rinse clean and air dry.

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