Organic Paws

Australian Lamb Sliders (100g)


Organic Paws Roo Sliders are high quality dehydrated treats for your dog or cat made with Certified Organic premium lean prime strips of lamb meat with no preservatives, colours, or chemicals added. Naturally abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, all of our meats used are of the highest quality, and 100% farmed sustainably and ethically. Our product is completely free from harmful chemicals, preservatives, antibiotics, pesticides, GMO’s, hormones and toxic fillers of any kind.

Organic Paws ingredients have been certified through the Australian Certified Organic (ACO). This means that at every stage our ingredients were raised, grown, slaughtered, harvested, packaged and transported, they were thoroughly monitored and assessed by the ACO to ensure they were done so without the use of chemicals, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, toxic fertilizers, pesticides, bioengineering (GMO’s) or irradiated. Only approval from a certifying body like the ACO can ensure such purity of ingredients.

Kindly note that treats are not applicable for any discounts.

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