Recommended for flat nose breeds

Our team member, Charmaine, created this "Max Rope + Blocs Set" specially for her adorable Maltese x Shih Tzu crossbreed family. Her pups love nosework toys so she has specially picked out blocs with wider pocket opening for her flat nose brood. This set includes:

  1. Gray Chewer Bloc - 6 rounded corners in nylon knit material, densely stuffed for chewers. Silent.
  2. Yellow Diamond Bloc - 2 pointy corners + 2 squeakers in baby plush material.
  3. Moss Donut Bloc - 1 deep pocket for holding a short chew or long treat in soft baby plush material.
  4. White Onigiri Bloc - A squeaky bloc with 3 squeakers in each corner in ultra-soft, furry sherpa fleece.
  5. Lilac Donut Bloc - 1 deep pocket for holding a short chew or long treat in soft faux mink.
  6. Cotton Rope

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