Fantastic DuraFoam Ball™


Balls, balls, balls! A toy that dogs can never get enough of. Starmark has created the Fantastic DuraFoam BALL™ that is ideal for playing fetch indoors without knocking anything off the table and shelves. It also floats visibly in water, making it a great beach day toy. Suitable for puppies and adult dogs, its unique design has no "cover" for the pups to chew off, making it safer than the regular tennis ball. It's specially made lightweight and soft for dogs' teeth and gums. Made of virtually indestructible foam material.

- Provides hours of mental and physical stimulation
- Lightweight
- Made of virtually indestructible foam material
- Suits both puppies and adult dogs
- Soft and flexible material reduces noise during play
- Floats in water

Product size and measurements
Medium: 6.35cm / 0.02kg

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