Sugar Snuffle Bag

Studio Ollie

Purchase $120 worth of Studio Ollie products and receive the Sugar Snuffle Bag with compliments. Promotion is not applicable when you purchase the Snuffle Lunchbox Set.

Nosework is the secret to a calm and happy dog. It allows your dogs to use their excellent olfactory capabilities, giving them a sense of purpose and accomplishment. It is a fun and engaging way to wear them out, especially high-energy dogs. Hide your pup's favourite treat in the hidden pockets and let them sniff it out!

Sugar Snuffle Bag is suitable for small and medium size dogs (and some say babies!). 

Material: Polyester

Size: 35cm x 22cm x 12cm

Care: We recommend you to wash the Snuffle Box by hand. 

All Studio Ollie products have utility model patents and registered with the International Deposit of Industrial Designs. The designs of the products are Studio Ollie's intellectual property rights. 

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