Jelly Bean

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This Jelly Bean nose work toy is designed to meet your pup’s natural hunting instincts.

The crinkling sound the pouch makes will excite your pups and encourage them to hunt for the jelly beans. When you put the jelly beans in the pouch, it becomes challenging for your pup to take them out. Each pouch comes with 3 jelly beans that squeak to the delight of your pups. This nose work toy is made up of different textures to enable a rich experience for the pups. Its durable optimized structure has 4 naturally formed bite spots.

Nose work play boosts the adrenaline secretion of your pups and that adrenaline helps to relieve boredom and stress while relaxing the muscles. The result? Happy and healthy pups!

Material: Polyester

Product measurement:

Jelly Bean Pouch | 17 cm x 21 cm

Jelly beans | 11 cm x 7 cm

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