Choc Chip Cookie

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This packet of choc chip cookie requires your pup to destroy the blue bag first before they get to the cookie. The blue cookie bag has a three-line sewing line that makes it challenging for the pup to reach the cookie. The cookie squeaks and is reinforced with double-layered fabric for added durability. A smaller squeaker can be found attached to the bag from the inside.

This squeaker toy is designed to tap on dogs’ natural hunting instincts to find and bite prey. It helps to reduce boredom and relieve stress, while promoting the adrenaline secretion to relax the muscles and increase physical condition.

Let your pup tear up and destroy the blue cookie bag to its heart's content and be pleasantly surprised when a sweet choc chip squeaker cookie appears. You can “recycle” the torn up blue cookie bag after by hiding some treats in there for your pup to hunt them out again!

Material: Polyester

Product measurement:

Bag - 17cm x 12.5cm

Cookie - 9cm x 9cm

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