Snack Popper


Fill up the snack popper with your dog's favourite dry food or treats, sit back and watch them as they earn their reward. By pushing the snack popper back and forth, the food or treats are slowly manoeuvred out of the opening at the top, ready to be consumed and enjoyed. The small wheels on the bottom help out in this endeavour, while the removable lid makes cleaning the toy a breeze. You'll be ready to do it all over again in the blink of an eye!

- creative interactive treat game for both cats and dogs
- can be filled with dry food or treats, it doubles up as a slow feeder!
- by pushing forward or backwards, treats are ejected mechanically (no batteries required!)
- with wheels and a removable cap
- made of plastic
- Product is compliant with animal welfare under Section 18 (AT)

Size measurements
29cm x 21cm x 11cm

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