"Hello, I am Laurel."

Welcome to Woof Living's first blog! I thought since this is our first blog on our revamped website, it would be nice to introduce myself as the founder of Woof Living. In this blog, I will be sharing with you my "story", my purpose and the inspiration behind the brand. But, be warned, this is going to be a long one. 

It has been two years since I started Woof Living as my side hustle. Before taking the plunge to run Woof Living full time this year, I was in the beauty and wellness industry for the past 15 years. In today's world, that is an immeasurably long period of time. Many have asked why I chose to leave now. I can only say when one grows older, one becomes more philosophical. Aligning your career with your personal core values become increasingly important. At the same time, Woof Living was beginning to blossom, and I must admit it was getting a tad challenging to manage a full-time job, a side hustle and online classes in the evening. So, with the love and support of my husband, I decided to take a leap of faith and call it quits with the beauty and wellness industry. Looking back, it is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. I feel so much happier and fulfilled now - building a brand I started from scratch that actually has a purpose, a vision and core values which I will not compromise.

I wanted to carve out a niche for Woof Living in the Singapore pets industry by retailing quality products that revolve around dogs' well-being. I have a personal interest in interactive dog toys, and I thought it is a great starting point. I was not interested in being just "another pet retailer". I wanted Woof Living to be different. I wanted to differentiate our business by specialising in what we would enjoy doing every day and will do best in. I wanted to build an "eco-luxury" brand that: 

  1. retails purposeful dog toys that genuinely contribute to dogs' well-being
  2. provides excellent customer service and fast delivery
  3. adopts eco-friendly yet premium packaging that produces little to no environmental waste
  4. works with like-minded businesses and individuals to give back to the community

When we welcomed Avery to our family in 2017, we wanted to create an environment where our puppy is happy and comfortable. Her well-being is our priority. Back then, my husband and I both held full-time jobs which meant Avery would have to be at home on her own for long periods of time. We did not want that for her. After doing much site recee and research, we were so happy to have found Puppy Colours where Avery gets to socialise with other dogs in a clean and safe environment.

On days when she has no school, interactive dog toys helped us a great deal. When we first got Avery, we had a hard time finding good quality, purposeful toys for her. There were so little variety and lots of similarities. Everybody was selling the same stuff. I recall the time when I wanted to get some Trixie strategy games for Avery, but it was so difficult. Often, we found ourselves buying interactive toys online and when we go back to our second home, Vancouver. We do not just want to buy toys; we want to invest in the benefits of the toys. We want to make a conscious purchase. 

Toys are not a luxury, but a necessity in our humble opinion. They are so essential to your dog's well-being. Toys help fight boredom when you have to leave your dog at home and provide comfort when they are feeling lonely or anxious. Do you know that toys can help prevent your dog from developing behavioural problems? They are even more critical if your dog spends long hours on its own while you are at work. Interactive toys have helped Avery manage her separation anxiety very well when we leave her on her own at home. She has not chewed on any furniture or toys to date. 

My husband and I are firm believers that the early socialisation and interactive toys have helped our dog manage her separation anxiety. These key fundamentals go a long way. When you stimulate your dog's senses and challenge his mind, it will not only strengthen the bond between you and your dog; it will let them live a happier and more fulfiling life.

We cannot emphasise the importance of purposeful toys enough, and we are so grateful for our customers who have shared their experience with us and our toy collection, with their friends and family. I still remember those starting days when we only had double digits followers on our Instagram account, and it does not help when I am a late bloomer when it comes to social platforms. Thanks to our customers and friends, more people have come to know about Woof Living today and believe in us. 

Remember, any dog toy will amuse your dog, but a great interactive dog toy goes a long way for your dog's well-being. Let your dog play smarter; let them play with purpose.